Reggie & Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy.

Dani's story is told through her diary in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case. Having moved with her mum, Dani starts year eleven at a new school, facing various challenges that bring a renewed energy to face whatever is thrown at her and carry on regardless. She realises that 'normality' is something that she can define herself, with the help of her dog Reggie and the people around her.

Reggie and Me is more than a story of survival, as the reader is taken on an inspiring journey of personal development, interweaved with tools that girls and young women can use to create the positive future they deserve.

Reggie and Me is a motivational book, offering strategies and coping mechanisms for survivors of abuse. This book is not just aimed at those who have experienced abuse but at families, friends, teachers and anyone who is able to provide support, strength and encouragement at a time when ‘normality’ never seems achievable. Told through the story of Dani, it provides a realistic portrayal of teenage life and the day to day struggles all teenagers face such as exams, friendships and moving home along with struggles that are not always widely known to others. The author includes strategies within Dani’s diary that may help, encourage, challenge and motivate survivors to move on and know that the abuse is not what defines them but enables them to make positive changes and rebuild their lives. It is a story of strength and courage and I recommend this book, not just for survivors but anyone who has been affected by abuse in any way. As a teacher myself it is an invaluable resource for schools in supporting pupils who may be affected by the issues dealt with in the book.

Reviewed by Sara Pepperday

Sammy & Me is the second book in the Dani Moore Trilogy.

Dani Moore, a teenage rape survivor, embarks upon the next phase in her life as she starts Sixth Form College. She hopes that this will be the new start she has been desperate for, having had a difficult final year at school. With an unwelcome change at home, her friends busy with their own lives and difficult reminders of her past, Dani wonders where she can turn for help. With her rescue dog, Reggie, by her side and a lifeline in the form of a new friend, will Dani make it through another roller-coaster year?

I didn't think 'Reggie and Me' could be bettered as it was such amazing book, but Marie Yates has done it again. A great story in its own right it takes you to the teenage heart of a troubled young woman who is determined to make changes, but as we all know change is sometimes difficult to maintain. Packed full of coaching tips for any teenager woven into the story it has a double whammy. Cant wait for Frankie and Me!

Reviewed by Chris Kent

Frankie & Me is the third book in the Dani Moore Trilogy.

"...I raced out of that cinema and didn’t look back. It was halfway through the film, after a most incredible moment with Frankie, and I just ran. I haven’t told her yet or replied to her message of ‘WTF just happened? x.’ WTF did just happen? My grandma died. That’s what happened."

The final instalment of the Dani Moore Trilogy finds teenage survivor, Dani, in her second phase of Sixth Form. As she navigates her way through the year, she embarks upon a new relationship which brings its own set of challenges to overcome. She has decisions to make about her future and finds this overwhelming as she struggles to focus on the present. Desperate to pass her exams while still being able to enjoy life, will she have the happy ending she dreams of?

With Frankie and Me it really feels like the author has come of age. I write this with no disrespect to the first two books as found them both brilliant and engaging. However, there is a charming humour in the last book of the trilogy that with the relatable style of Marie Yates adds another dimension to the account. It can afford to be a little more light-hearted as much of the structure is in place and only needs the briefest mention the remind the reader. Frankie and Me is brilliant, engaging, endearing and enchanting as it respectfully takes you through the life lessons and coping strategy’s weaved into the memoirs. You listen, you learn, you laugh, you love. By the end of the Frankie and Me you feel a part of Dani’s life and filled with pride at the person she has become.

The trilogy is focused on the recovery steps following a traumatic event. It is cleverly written in a way that reaches out to all trying to deal with whatever challenges are relevant to them. The routine enforced by Reggie; the refocus given by the Goals, Success and Gratitude lists and the positive power of exercise and surrounding yourself with positive people no matter how much you want to lock yourself away is a fantastic framework that can be translated across many situations.

Reviewed by Joanna Hull